04 December 2015

gentle strength at the seat of your personal power

solar plexus amplifier
center of personal power
and location of the third chakra,
this heavy sterling disc sits there. 

mjd 2015

combine the location with the intention -
my morning mantra:

as the moon sets
and the sun rises
may i begin my day awake.

may i move through
each moment
and with clarity.

a heart 
bursting with love

a mind
propped open,

may i shine 
to lessen 
the darkness
another being's 

imagine standing tall
chin up
shoulders back
feet firmly planted and set at hip width
arms raised -

with absolute acceptance 
and self love,
putting aside any shame
that keeps you in the shadows,
with full knowledge not only
of your place in the world
but that your time is limited.

your life matters -
there are things you offer,
special things that make a difference.

get clear on your intentions
keep them front and center
make adjustments when necessary.

don't slip into inertia
and don't fear your abilities.

you are beautiful.
you are able.
you are. 


  1. beautifully profound

    namaste beautiful one

  2. Hi MJ - a very big and powerful piece - your morning mantra is very moving. So good to know acreoss the globe that there are shared morning rituals. Go well. B

  3. I love this totally; your work is moving and in spiring.

    1. Provocative ~ Profound ~ Inspirational ~ I felt every word as if they were food ~ the food so desperately needed to feed my very own soul ~ ○ ~
      Namaste Friend ¤

  4. Wow, your design is exquisite in meaning and aesthetic. Simply stunning.


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