22 January 2016


mjd - 2016 

is just as much a part of life
as light -
but we will go great lengths 
to avoid it.

it can feel unbearable,
but it isn't.

and while we find ourselves
dragged down,
quick sand slippery and stuck,
it can feel endless,
but it's not.

what if 
instead of putting up a fight,
we opened
maybe even accepted 
allowing ourselves to just stay with it.

when we feel
our humanity is affirmed.

we develop compassion
and selflessness.

its brutality can yield
exquisite and unexpected 

the light returns
winter's frozen ground gives way
to fields of flowers. 

the sun can break through
even the most ominous clouds.

and quiet little seeds
bide their time
and become mighty trees.

perhaps we learn to embrace
because in the end
it takes us places we might never dare go on our own
and because in the end
it's temporary.

everything is. 
everything but love,
that is. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi MJ - interesting isn't it that we are so attracted to the light and good times yet they would be ordinary if we did not have the sad and dark times. Being in the moment includes the sad and dark moments - just that we don't want to or need to dwell there for too long - it is good that then we search out the light and uplifting. Go well. B


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