02 April 2016

mjd - 2016 - amazonite & riverstone japa mala

with trembling voice
and shaking confidence
you question -
why am i here
what is my purpose
who can i touch
when do i begin 
how do i know?

mjd - 2016

the moment is now.
breathe deeply
open your heart
find your place
of stillness and power.
attend to the one you are with
let the love flow
and, most of all, 

mjd - 2016

the sky is big and blue and deep
the earth is solid at your feet
you belong 
to all that is.
stand within it
in grace and strength
and believe.

the truth you hold
is needed 
at each and every moment. 
chin up
shoulders square
heart soft
mind clear.
what you offer
is held by none other.
make the difference
that is yours alone to create.


  1. Thank you for this, dearest Maire. xo

  2. Hey!! Long time no post. Nice to see you again. As I age, I see those I have touched and know what my purpose here has been and it has not ended yet. When you realize what your purpose it, it gives you fuel to continue. They key is to know how to care for yourself as well. To add a little grit to your being to fend off those that try to steel you energy..your power..you confidence. We are always searching for the balance.
    xx, Carol

  3. the word trust is what i am hanging on. Yesterday I found a lump in my arm pit.
    Trusting God to get me through.

  4. so very beautiful
    both words
    and mala
    and also photos

  5. beautiful words and jewelry. I adore...

  6. Mj - soothing and centring words and beads. B

  7. Every.word.perfect.

    Thank you for minding us....


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