09 November 2016

call to arms - and hearts and souls

we have been issued a challenge:

cave to the negativity
or rise above it. 

these are the moments in your life that matter, that define you. 
when things don't go the way you'd hoped
when you thought you were on the cusp 
of the end of the negativity
and that things would get better.
how do you choose to respond? 

:: the light is you ::

when you are ensconced in darkness
it may seem as if darkness
is all that exists - 

that there can only be more
of what you are feeling
and experiencing.

but the truth of the matter
is that at the core of darkness
one finds light.

as long as you live and breathe
as long as you have choices to make
it's there.

you must trust
and open,
because the light is you. 

set yourself free
and shine.

for when you do, 
you illuminate the world.


and people - 
we need to become beacons 
bright bold and guiding. 

give yourself some time to mourn, to let the shock subside and then dig deep.

because this is our reality.

there's no use 
in wishing for something different. 

we've been given 
another opportunity 
to rise  
and shine. 

do you accept it? 


  1. there can be no giving in to despair at this time... thank you for your shining light! xo

  2. Thanks MJ - we must all shine we must all be open and offer hope and kindness and care... we must because we need it so much...

  3. Perfect response to this challenging event.

    I'm happier than ever knowing you are here, being the beacon of light for so many. For yourself. For me. For your family.

    We really are limitless and we really are interconnected and interdependent. Isn't it more triumphant to love in a culture that doesn't value love? We must give ourselves to the work at hand, again and again, for it will never be finished. Love is always needed.

    I love you, and I'm so proud of you.



  4. Thank you for your inspiring words, today more than ever. You have illuminated my path.

  5. What a beautiful and perfect text! I feel as a citizen of the world and I want to express to you my solidarity from my corner of the world.

  6. Easy words to read, hard to translate to emotion. I choose, for now, to withdraw.


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