02 November 2016

from paper to metal to paper


they have always been important to me - as a child, i would read through my grandparents' bartlett's book of quotations. i was fascinated by how people had lived & what they spoke about, what others have felt is important to be remembered and referred to. 

when i first started blogging, i would share words that had inspired me in the making of adornment. 

but then i started sharing my own thoughts on the work - and how the work shaped the words. 

simple phrases would have larger descriptions.

mjd 2015 offering bowl

then larger passages made their way onto metal work - at the prompting of an online peer. 

mjd 2015 offering bowl

first set in bowls and then made into wall plaques.

mjd 2016 wall plaque

mjd 2016 wall plaque

and now it comes back to the written word - and pages of my own. i have compiled two books of my writings - one with photos of the work, one a traveler's companion. my hope is that the traveler's companion will be put in a pocket or backpack or such and get worn, written in, pages folded - used. 

it is here that i feel most vulnerable, for the compositions in words come from the heart and spirit. nothing is hidden and it is definitely non-fiction. but so too is it sincere, with a deep desire to connect from a place of love and understanding - to foster peace and compassion. 

*** so it seems my comment boxes on the blog are missing - if you need to reach me you can do so at mairedodd@gmail.com *** thanks!


  1. You have traveled an elevating path since we first met. I feel you are at a more peaceful level.

    Recently someone I know bought a T-Shirt with the word Namaste on the front. She asked me what it meant so we discussed it for a bit. Now I see her use it in FB comments. Maybe it is a start, but I don't feel she really embraces the concept...if concept is the correct term.

    I have always felt an affinity with you and miss your posts. I hope you booklet sells well. There is a peace in your words.
    Much Love,

  2. Hi MJ - what an amazing achievement - a woman of words, of metal and of books. B


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