16 January 2010

on being 18 & chocolate chip pancakes ~

happy birthday to my baby girl!
um, how did this happen? we were just singing raffi songs and the watching 'the aristocats'!

'it takes a long time to grow young.'
~ pablo picasso

here's hoping you never lose that part of yourself, em...

birthday breakfast request, chocolate chip pancakes - and it's 1pm... she sleeps late! :0) and, yes, that is a nerf gun... one never knows when they will need it around here!

latest hair - inspired by the na'vi - it took us 2 times... had to do a re-dye with different product... there are 2 blues in there... very strange to see brunette on her - her natural hair color... 

'forever is composed of nows.'
~ emily dickinson

emily's namesake!  'love now' was created with a beautiful porcelain heart by nancy of roundrabbitextra... fibers wrapped to signify the threads that tie us together, but can fray with neglect... tiny ivory lampwork bead by mika at pinocean represents the frailty of life... 

and this one... great charm by genevieve of jibbyandjuna... 

enjoy the weekend ~ i am off to make cake!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! How I would love to listening to Raffi again, those day went by so fast!

  2. Happy EVERY day to your baby girl!! She's beautiful! I SO love that you allow her to express herself—blue hair and all! My mom was that way, and I gotta tell you, she saved me from some pretty dumb mistakes by giving me room to roam, b/c while many of my school mates were intrigued by the long list of "forbidden" stuff, I phased right through them, because they lacked appeal due to my mom's attitude. If my grades were good and I wasn't looking like I was hanging out in somebody's medicine cabinet, she let me where whatever color hair, whatever ripped to shred jeans, and whatever "unique" piercings and tattoos I could afford on a fast food employee's salary!

  3. Cherish every moment for sure. Happy Birthday baby girl Dodd!

  4. What a true beauty that Em is!
    I love that she is her own person. I was never that secure at 18 or maybe ever. I love that you have traditions like chocolate chip pancakes and nerf guns. And that piece...swoon! I love the sentiment of the ties that bind and can fray if neglected. You move me, Mary Jane. Blessed day to both of you!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Happy Birthday Emily!! Great necklaces!!


  6. awww... happy birthday to your very lovely na'vi baby!! they do grow up so fast dun they ... hmmm... :))

  7. Your baby is growing up ... to be a fine young woman! Congratulations to Mom for raising such a fine young daughter and to Em for her birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to your baby! My son has naturally red hair, but wears a different temp color everyday, magenta over God given copper red is a sight :-0 Brava to you for being such a good mom!

  9. Happy Birthday Em, those pancakes look delicious and the nerf gun looks like fun! Your Mom really raised an awesome, confident young lady.

  10. Happy birthday to your daughter! Love the blue hair. Mine is purple right now :)

  11. Wicked hair, love it! Happy Birthday, Daughter! I am sooo glad you two are close and working on hair hues together! The way to be! Much love to you both..oxo AJ

  12. 生存乃是不斷地在內心與靈魂交戰;寫作是坐著審判自己。..................................................

  13. Happy birthday, Emily - I love the hair!

  14. Happy Late Birthday to Miss Em! 18! Yikes! And that necklace perfectly matches her hair. Avatar would be proud. Love it!

  15. Wow I missed this one! Love Emily's cool hair. Happy Belated birthday to Emily and may she enjoy a forever of nows :)


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