21 January 2010

seeking light

i always enjoy watching my fur babies as they track the sun... last week when i took down the tree of stress (remember? it shed all of its needles?) the big windows were unblocked, and the light came pouring in... wasting no time, they assumed position for the morning nap... and i left off to do something else... 

it got me to thinking about seeking light - its warmth and calming qualities, its rejuvenating qualities... its references to wisdom... and hope... 

as living things seek light for growth, i thought about how we do this as well... after i took this photo of the piece with a woolly green heart, i found another association ~

'love must be as much a light,
as it is a flame.'
~ henry david thoreau

'love is not consolation.
it is light.'
~ friedrich nietzsche

isn't it funny how you can know things without being aware of it? i had made the association with love before i was cognizant of doing it... something nice to think about today... we know that love is necessary for growth, nurturing ourselves and others, allowing others to nurture us... 

seek light today, seek love ~ and in doing so, be sure to share it... 


  1. I love the kitty picture! Totally content. What a spoiled life. :)
    There is light in every situation, we just have to look past the darkness to get to it sometimes.

  2. To lead such a wonderful life as those two kitties, they appear so comfy...everything living moves towards the light! It nourishes as well as rejuvenates...

  3. I struggle with winter because the lack of bright light. It immediately uplifts my soul. I wish I could bask in it all day.

  4. I am still loving your resin pieces... and your fur babies are so adorable - you know I am a sucker for kitties...

  5. I've been craving some light! Love those two quotes...so gentle and profound at the same time. Great stuff to mull over :)


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