03 May 2012

new blog - group project

on march 21st, i posted about international peace day and proposed a peace flag project of our own... 

i was so excited by the response i received that this was born... 

a new blog

one i hope will be interactive and inspiring... 

one i hope will collectively take the ripples we each create and magnify them... 

please come take a look 

& consider participating in whatever way you might like -

sharing your flags at the end,

sharing your flags, writing, art, garden, world in the interim

and contributing to the blog ... 

you are welcome and appreciated... 

thank you for helping me to make this real... 


  1. Checked out the new blog and love the thought of creating ripples of peace across the world.
    :-) :-) :-)

  2. This is going to be an awesome project - I just know it will! Thank you for your initiative and starting a ripple...

  3. Wonderful! I'm excited to be following the new blog. :)

  4. MJ- as others have said - thank you for initiating this project - an opportunity for a lot of us to share and send positive peace vibes not only on International Peace Day but throughout the year. Hope to do a Maleny update over the weekend. Go well and Peace to you. B

  5. What a beautiful new blog, Mary Jane. Congrats on the start of something wonderful & a place that will bring people together.

  6. Mary Jane-
    I love the idea of your new blog-- it is far reaching in its message. I think you are amazing--


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