29 September 2012

the bedrock i stand upon is peace and stillness.
from that place, i can open-mindedly assess whatever comes my way.

while it is oh-so-easy to get pulled off center,
you can always find your way back
by practicing that which you desire to be - 

and so we dance, round and round with ourselves
learning all the while...


  1. Hmm, you are a tease. I want to see more of that last picture!!

  2. MJ-such important bedrocks - always great to pull oneself back to these as our lives jump around. Beautiful pieces to wear as daily reminders. B

  3. MJ - I think I'll keep these two as my mantras for a bit - be still and in peace. So busy, so much twirling, and whirling...so good to be reminded to be still, to be in peace. Thank you ...


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