03 October 2012

the company i keep

these lovely ladies, these gorgeous bronzes, arrived yesterday - 

they are the work of the very talented daniel fleming...

it was hard to choose the pose i wanted - 

so i decided upon dancing

for that is what life is...

matisse - danse

thank you, daniel, for enriching my life with your sculpture - 


  1. Matisse is one of my favorites. I love the sculpture you picked. Thanks for sharing.
    Lori in Atlanta

  2. Wow, what small wonders they are. Thanks for sharing.-Julie

  3. How wonderful! Love the shot of the sculptures holding up the leaf.

  4. Little beauties! How lucky you are to have these sculptures -and how well you chose!

  5. Freedom. That is the word that comes to mind. Choosing dancers says a lot. Freedom dancers says even more.

    I wonder what our choices say about us, since I recently acquired tiny Mariachi Band Skellies.

    xx, Carol

  6. MJ - these are just brilliant - I checked out the site - they are tiny and beautiful. Love what you have done re the feather and leaf. Smile and enjoy these gems. B


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