26 November 2012

becoming conscious (again and again)

experimenting with transparent enamel over stamped metal

we cannot remain conscious of everything all the time.

beliefs & ideas do not sit like oil upon water -
they rise and fall,
often lying just below the surface.

and like the pebbles we see
through the clear waters of a stream,
by quieting the mind
we become aware of their existence.

then we have only to reach for them,
so that once again
they are ours
gently cupped in the palm of knowing.


  1. Mary Jane- Your words are always so beautiful and true. Have you published your poems anywhere?--Julie

  2. I've been reading a book my sister recommended called "The Name of the Wind" by Philip Rothfuss, about a young man who is seeking knowledge of the skills of a master wizard and there are several passages that speak directly to the ways in which we can learn the true name of things. All of them require patience and discovery and looking closely. A lot like the knowing that comes from quieting the mind.

  3. My goodness what beautiful words, Mary Jane! I have reread these lines as they really speak to me. I love it when you pair your words with a picture of one of your latest creations - what a duet.

  4. ...gently cupped in the palm of knowing .... I am loving your poems Mary Jane!

  5. "gently cupped in the palm of knowing"
    Oh, Poetry. You are a treasure.



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