20 November 2012

completeness in balance

even in the midst of the darkest forest,
glimpses of sky will appear
and fingers of light will reach down
to delicately brush its loamy floor.
surrounded by light and shadow,
feet firmly planted in the earth,
spirit soaring toward the heavens -
with every breath 
you know completeness.


  1. A very nice message...and so pretty!

    Happy Thanksgiving wishes for you and yours.

  2. Your thoughts are taking a different direction...it's good to contemplate how events in the Universe effect you personally. Every now and then we are sent a message and rmember its OK to think of ourselves and family first and take joy in our being.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

  3. ahhh...an epiphany to be sure..
    perfection all around...
    happy thanksgiving my dear friend..
    xo L

  4. MJ-beautiful reelection and so true of life. B


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