22 October 2013

the pregnant pause

light of knowing - mjd 2013

a season that blazes 
to catch our attention

encouraging -
no, demanding -

a pregnant pause

between death

and the secret life that dwells
in an acorn.

we bear witness 

to balance

and impermanence.

does the chill air that physically wakes us
after the warm breezes of summer

force us to 



or just deeply know?

it is
with a sigh
that moves through the upturned
corners of your mouth,

the knowing 
that is 
with quivering joy

that the path is lit. 


  1. Exquisite picture with the light ! xx

  2. MJ - stunning photo that is so connected to the thought filled words. Thanks for the timely reminder to pause, exhale and be calm. Go well. B

  3. Very cryptic. Funny, I equate death with winter. The fall exudes the happy abandon we can enjoy on our path to winter. The color of whirling leaves....an exciting time. Yup....no death in the autumn for me!!

    Love ya!!

  4. exceedingly beautiful words that strike deep chords; the photo is exceptional - the play of light and shadow is awesome. Love it.

  5. a sigh that moves through the upturned corners of your mouth...ahhhhhh
    Bless you dear one~

  6. Autumn demands mindfulness for me too. You have captured the feeling beautifully with your words.

  7. Extraordinary photo-- your words inspire a small video in my mind, of a smiling face and knowing eyes. Very special words and they resonate for me. Thank you.


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